About Albari

In the year 2016, two like minded people; Arifa Akhtar & Rupesh Agarwal boundless in their approach and limitless in innovations, came together to form the fashion brand ALBARI -“Makers of dreams”–the flagship brand of ARI Fashion world. We believe that Albari is just not a fashion term; it’s a lifestyle born out of our daily lives. Albari is all set to touch your lives with the right kind of fashion trends created out of your story- fulfilling the dreams of many who aspire to experience a perfect blend of contemporary with the richness of Indian traditions. Very recently, Albari has opened its exquisite showroom in the urban heartland of south Kolkata showcasing its exclusive fashion wears for both men and women. With state of art designing studio cum workshop, Arifa’s intricate designs are brought to life by a team of skilled craftsman and innovative designers. Just few more days…..our exclusive catalogue is on its way